Las Vegas Casinos

Some Facts About Las Vegas Casinos

Did you know that Las Vegas, which is now known as the Sin City was nothing but a desert not too long ago? In the 1940s, a beautiful city rose from the desert, and it became a sort of anchor for all kinds of 3win2u party and entertainment activities. Now, it is like a beacon for gambling, casino games, wedding chapels, strip clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and many more places which you can visit if you want to have a good time with your buddies. The Strip is now one of the most well known places or things in the United States and if people have a long weekend and if they are looking to have a good time, guess where they go? They go to Las Vegas. Vegas actually continues to be one among some of the biggest and also showiest places in the country for casinos and gambling and all kinds of entertaining activities.

Here are some facts about Las Vegas that you probably had no idea about.

  • The glamorous and glittering city of Vegas actually started putting in casinos from the 1940s and back then, mafia figures like Meyer Lansky and even Bugsy Siegel saw a lot of potential when it came to the glamour as well as the profits that this glamour would bring to them. Siegel has known to have used his connections with the mob and also even his movie-star looks to bring his club, The Flamingo into existence and that is actually one of the reasons as to why it was so successful.


  • Throughout the entire 20th century, in the Sin City, slot machines were particularly rigged, and they were rigged in a way that would limit their payouts. Despite so many player complaints that seemed to plague them about insufficient payouts, not a lot of claims would indeed be validated.
  • The rules and also the etiquettes of gambling are indeed really important because you cannot step on the casino floor without knowing a few of them. They are what tell you how to behave and what to do when you are up there. The minimum age in Nevada is 21 in Nevada. And though some casinos allow parents with children to pass through the facility, children should not linger even if they are accompanied by adults. In this instance, I am talking about individuals below the age of 18.
  • High rollers have been known to be given a red carpet treatment. They are given some complimentary rooms, limo services and they are even given some private parlors and salons as well. The minimum limits for the high rollers would be $300,000. This would actually change from casino to casino.

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